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Family Centered Group is the group of University of Rwanda students that want to enforce gender equality in Nyagatare community using a Stable Star Family Project.

Our objectives
  •  To eradicate gender based violences in the family.
  • To reduce divorces that are mainly caused by misunderstanding of gender equality
  • To enhance gender equality knowledge in the Nyagatare community.
  • To reduce social media addiction in children.
  • To provide house chores knowledge to both boys and girls. 
  • To provide relaxing as well as educating places to the Nyagatare community.
  • To construct responsible stable families in Nyagatare community.
  • To destroy false beliefs concerning women.
Problems influenced by gender inequalities in Nyagatare community:
  • Imbalance in job distribution between men and women.
  • Women emancipation mainly in Cyabayaga and Mimuri.
  • Traditional customs in Nyagatare result in undermining women.
  •  Most of the boys in Nyagatare were raised to be cowboys and girls trained to care for their brothers and even some of them were forced to be married by their families.
  • Higher number of gender based violence that result in a high rate of unintended pregnancy in Eastern province where Nyagatare is located. For instance, as shown by GBV mapping in Rwanda 2008.(MIGEPROF) in collaboration with UNFPA, Nyagatare has more than 70% of physical violences against women.  
  • High devorces rate in Eastern Rwanda.
  • Poverty and hunger is one of the cornerstones for Family gender violence inequality.


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