Improve agriculture through irrigation system in rwanda


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Rwanda’s économy is based on agriculture. Around 80% of the population is engaged in agriculture activities and is located close to lakes but the majority of farmers still rely on climate conditions in order to perform their practices related to planting the plants even if the area is close to drainage.

The goal of the project is to cover the gap between seasonality harvest and introduce new ways of agriculture by not only relying on climate conditions. This project not only concerns farmers located on hillsides, but also near lakes or rivers. The methodology is based on sensibilization and mobilization of those engaged in irrigation through face-to-face practical interventions. More specifically, during this project the student will help farmers create a channel to connect rivers and their fields, introduce a borehole, and make a simple irrigation system in their fields like drip irrigation and finally share the practice and spread the technique to the agriculture community. 

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