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Our project will be targeting girls between ages 12 to 18 in the African continent.


We're working on the issue of girls' school dropouts in Africa Girls are sometimes forced to drop out of school due to:

  • Lack of enough school fees;
  • Pressure from parents to get married;
  • Forced to take care of home activities and their siblings;
  • Early pregnancies.


Talk game : This game will help girls have a fun platform that will educate and empower them to speak out all that is hindering them to become who they want to be.



  1. PIOGE's webpage
  2. Partnership with high schools
  3. Partnership with NGO's


  1. Organize workshops
  2. Talk platform development

Online platform

  1. Google play for free
  2. Google search
  3. Web page


PIOGE's advocacy will enable African women who aspire for education to meet their target goals in life and live lives full of passion.
This project will also contribute to attain sustainable development goals to our African continent.

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