SDG Summer school


After a successful experience in Ghana, we were empowered by our mentors and peers at CRI-Paris to continue our educational efforts. Furthermore, we were able to identify our specializations around the implementation of digital and frugal technologies for sustainable solutions.

We were fortunate to begin a student project that sought to tackle traditional pedagogy, which includes the development and implementation of novel project-based activities.

This reason arises from the realization that skills are developed when students have a direct, hands-on experience with projects.

Additionally, these skills are enhanced when students ideate, create and communicate to complete a designated assignment.

We have been able to implement our educational strategies in both Accra, Ghana and Kigali, Rwanda.

After a year of fundraising, building collaborations and developing our curriculum the Home team was able to create the first edition of the Home SDG Summer School in Kigali, Rwanda in August 2019.

The, culmination of our educational expedition has allowed us to build a network of collaborators and have the opportunity to share knowledge with the next generation agents of change.

Additionally, a major highlight of the experience was the invitation to create the second edition of Home SDG Summer School for 2020.

We look forward to continuing current collaborations with our colleagues, and further create new collaborations with local institutions.

Excitingly, the outcome of the first edition of the Home SDG Summer School was a success.

All the participants, mentors and collaborators celebrated the experience and work at the closing ceremony for the summer school.

At the closing ceremony, students had the opportunity to present and discuss their projects, and further reflect on the skills each participant has obtained.

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