Kigali SDG Winter school


The on-site SDG program in Rwanda was the fourth of its kind and the third in-person. Given the COVID-19 restrictions, we were able to offer a limited, but intense, one-week school in Kigali and located at University of Rwanda. During this time, students from the virtual school and new students were invited to participate. 

The objective was to put in practice the skills learned in the virtual school during the on-site school and to create prototypes. As new students did not have the same level of knowledge, a collaborative strategy was put into place so that all students could contribute to a common project goal. Further, we were able to teach all the aforementioned courses except Game Design, due to limited budget expenses and unavailability of the teacher. Additionally, we organized a local trip to a farm where participants met farmers in an organic farm practicing sustainable farming. During this time, students could interview the farmers and practiced their skills derived from human-centered design.

We awarded students with certificates upon completion of the SDG School, based on attendance and quality of the assignments submitted. However, during the on-site program we had to overcome transport challenges for students attending the program from other cities near Kigali.  We discussed with our host, the University of Rwanda and managed to accommodate students in the student dorms on the campus. Additionally, we held all lectures and activities on-site in the classes and working spaces of the University of Rwanda. The opening and closing ceremony was graced by the Chair of SDSN and Principal of University of Rwanda, Dr. Pierre Claver Rutayisire. 

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